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Northwest and Plateau Native American Tribes Lesson

Native American Quotes ~ Cherokee...                                                                                                                                                      More

O' Great Spirit ~ help me always to speak the truth quietly ~ to listen with an open mind when others speak ~ and to remember the peace that may be found in silence ~ Cherokee Prayer ♡

The history of decorating horses. Native American Indians even painted their horses and ponies decorating them with with war symbols or symbols of power before they went into battle re-pin

Check out this site for facts and info on Horse War Paint. Native American Indian culture in respect of Horse War Paint and symbols. The American Indian Horse War Paint.

Native American Women dressing hair

ruthhopkins: Navajo (Diné) mother tying her daughter’s hair using brush. Undated Source - University of Wyoming, American Heritage Center.

Nantacoke Indian Eagle Dancer,r:6,s:368

John "Laughing Wolfe" Moore Spreads His Wings To Fly In His Bald Eagle Dance at The Nanticoke Indian Pow Wow

Native American Award for Valor, Courage and Bravery  Is there a Native American symbol awarded to great warriors for valor, courage, and bravery in battle much like the Silver or Bronze Stars awarded to soldiers? If not, can you make a suggestion? Thank you very much.  Wess  Hi Wess,  A Lakota friend of mine sent me this. I hope it is helpful. You can browse our feather hair ties here. Feather Hair Ties. Paula

Feathers for headdress that tell a Native American life journey. I picked this pin because I wasn't sure how Native Americans had different feathers. This is important for other nurses to know the history if their patient is Native American.

Native American wisdom - proud of my Cherokee heritage

Man belongs to the Earth. Earth does NOT belong to man. Listen to them and make them sink in. Mother Earth needs our help. HuMANs have destroyed a huge part of it. Help keep the earth clean on all levels

Native Americans, in the way of industrialization, as are all people, animals…

My Native identity isn't your plaything. Stop with the mascots and 'pocahotties'

Indian chiefs who counciled with General Miles and ended the Indian War, Standing Bull Bear Who Looks Back Running Has the Big White Horse White Tail, Liver Bear, Little Thunder Bull Dog High Hawk Lame Eagle Pipe.