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Imagination: Eva's powerful gift of storytelling shows how vivid her imagination is. She tells her wild stories to escape from the confinements of reality, telling of people she's never met and of places she's never been, bringing together everyone she meets on her travels.

Breakups Aren't One-Size Fits All: 5 Unique Ways To Help You Cope

Always Show Your Kindness because the person receiving it needs it more than you will ever know. Quotes about Kindness Day

What's your favorite episode of the Reading Quirks webcomic?

Reading Quirks is an awesome webcomic about odd things book lovers do

It covers all the strange things people do or are capable of doing when books are on top of their life priorities. the webcomic is created by the team from the Dallas-based bookstore The Wild Detectives

studioKMD - Flower Pressed Tub Board

Free People Flower Pressed Tub Board

Bathe in bohemian luxury with this artisan, Philadelphia made, spalted maple tub board featuring beautiful pressed flowers with a resin inlay. Not only for baths, this board makes a beautiful. Eyebrow Makeup Tips

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*don't worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that shine.* Taylor Swift love this song

No matter the stylish gardens I cannot help but love this bluebell wood is dream garden.Who wouldn't want a bit of woodland to call their own.Heavenly.

No matter the stylish gardens I cannot help but love this bluebell wood is dream garden.

Katrina fought like a tiger, for a future, a family and to grow old with the people she loved.

That's the idiot who said I was fat. Oh yeah, well I'm about to get fatter!