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'Collecting seaweed and limpets for food on inishboffin Island'

"Scalpeen of Tim Downs at Dunmore," from the London Illustrated News, 1849.  The last Sketch shows the Scalpeen of Tom Downs, at Dunmore, in the parish of Kellard, where himself and his ancestors resided on this spot for over a century, with renewal of their lease up to 1845. He neither owed rent arrears or taxes up to the present moment, and yet he was pitched out onto the roadside, and saw then other houses, with his own, levelled at one fell swoop on the spot, the ruins of some of which…

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An eviction – loss of house and land resulted in emigration or death.

As the effects of the Potato Famine spread, Irish people were evicted from their rented homes at astonishing rates.

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Eviction scene, Ireland, Common to throw renters out whenever an English landlord wanted to "clear" the land for other uses.