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Rare Behind-the-Scenes Photos from the Set of Alien - Alien: Covenant Movie News

Prometheus did not feature any Xenomorphs, but the original script for the film did. Here's a sketch of one.

Original Prometheus Movie Alien Concept Design Could Resurrect for Alien: Covenant

#jessicachastain Mans-Up with #MattDamon for #RidleyScott ’s #THEMARTIAN while remaining #YSL ’s Face for their Perfume Range, #Manifesto  Starting out as a trained dancer (no doubt she will turn up in a #Broadway Musical at some point), she became a #model at the tender age of 13 years old, with her natural red fiery hair and porcelain -like skin.

Jessica Chastain photographed by Ellen von Unwerth and styled by Beth Fenton in the story 'Undercover Girl' for the January 2013 issue of British GQ



Prometheus review by David Denby

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Martin Ansin is an illustrator based in Uruguay. The artist created posters of recent films but also classics of the Art. He also works for the press including magazines such as Wired, Rolling Stone, New Yorker etc …

Trump vs. the free press - The Washington Post

Trump vs. the free press

the free press - The Washington Post

Ignition Interactive kicked off its social campaign for Prometheus with a TEDTalk from the future. Was run by Ridley Scotts company, this was disliked by 20th Century Fox as they didnt think it would work. Turned out it did work, with more than 3 billion impressions, 2 billion of which were souly through social media. It's multiplatform efforts included sending LinkedIn influencers - and 1 billion through editorial coverage. Prometheus was one of the 2012's top-grossing films.

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