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Creative ideas for a lakehouse birthday party or summer party. Love the idea of using an old canoe as a buffet table.

Bilderparade CCCI: http://www.langweiledich.net/2014/07/bilderparade-ccci/

Capri Italy Source Marble Beach, Thassos, Greece Source Summer vibes - We love real estate Source Summer♥ Source Things one should have done at least once in a lifetime? Standing underneath a water fall in the middle of the jungle.

Adorable little water creature. Does someone knows what it is? Weiß irgendjemand, was das für ein Tierchen ist?

The Axolotl also known as a Mexican salamander or a Mexican walking fish, is a neotenic salamander, closely related to the tiger salamander. Although the axolotl is colloquially known as a "walking fish", it is not a fish, but an amphibian


on the beach with red and white umbrella looking out over the crashing waves at an oncoming storm reflection

Artist leaves a dress in the Dead Sea for two years

Artist leaves a dress in the Dead Sea for two years

Artist leaves a dress in the Dead Sea for two years<<< Excuse me, my time has come to become The Salt Queen.

One day once I get over the fear of being shark bait in the ocean,,,,

Rent a soft surfboard your very first time out. Don't invest in your own surf board if you've never ever attempted surfing before. At a lot of beaches helpful for surfing, rental areas will be offered near to the beach, offering reasonably inexpensive.