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Lepanthes nycterus. A species orchid (color)

A species orchid (color) every Orchid looks like a critter.was God getting bored ?

Epidendrum pseudoepidendrum detail (by Daniel-CR)

epidendrum pseudoepidendrum - exotic and large orchid found in costa rica and panama in lowlands and foothills rain forests at altitudes of 400 to 1700 meters - daniel-cr

OrchidCraze: MAHA Orchid Show 2012

OrchidCraze: MAHA Orchid Show Cattleya maxima 'coerulea'


Dendrobrium orchid, The name is derived from the Greek dendron (tree) and bios (life), meaning “one who lives on tree

Laelia Santa Barbara Sunset 'Showtime' HCC/AOS | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Laelia Santa Barbara Sunset 'Showtime' Orchid - oooh, I really want one of these, love the colors!