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social work images | Okay, okay, that wasn't a fair assessment of the job market...or maybe ...

Caroline Rodgers, a social worker, has spent her professional career helping those who are unable to help themselves. She has worked in the field of child protection, children with disabilities, and adoption in several London boroughs.

What if the most underrated skill in school is thinking?  I know, that sounds crazy.  But how often do we tell kids what they are going to learn, tell them what to make, tell them what tool to use, tell them when to finish, tell them what questions to find the answers to. What if we stopped telling

Thinking? Asking questions? Solving problems by digging in and pushing through the hard stuff that lies between a problem and a solution? That’s learning. That's what I facilitate as a teacher.

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jk rowling "It is impossible to live without failing at somehing, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all - in which case, you fail by default.

Poverty is not a fate. It is a condition. It is not a misfortune. It is an injustice. ~ Gustavo Gutierrez, father of Liberation Theology

Poverty is the root cause of an overwhelming number of additional social injustices. My comment: A poor country without natural resources will always be poor,

We're not in it for the income. We're in it for the outcome

Funny - I just spent the day working on a brand new outcome management system with my co-workers! Its a pain but this quote helps!