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Lol, i'm just saying I'm not that bad.

Everyone thinks I'm overdramatic when I'm upset.but when an octopus gets stressed out, it eats itself. Now THAT'S overdramatic. Bazemore but i do eat myself sooo


To my future kids: You'll start off with a flip phone. I don't care if the Iphone 15 is out by then, you're gonna know the struggle<< well at least they get a flip phone

HILARIOUSLY AWESOME DANCE 3 v.2 - MAD ANTS HALFTIME SHOW by Carroll Senior Powderpuff Cheerleaders

Having a bad day? Freaking hilarious Seriously, these guys need to be hired for the next Super Bowl half time show. Mad Ants Halftime Powderpuff show

Me on my period when something slightly bad happens:   Brain: you have to cry  Me: why   Brain: you gotta

Me on my period when anything happens. Im at supper with friends in a very public place. And someone puts attention on me. Or even tells a joke.


I need to delete pictures off my phone but I'm such a photo hoarder. Like I never know when this picture could come in handy I can't delete that << this is EXACTLY me!

Bad At Math

Y'all Need Jesus

I'm funny and bad at math. Digitally printed on an athletic tri-blend…

what these words really mean. Hilarious!

Real Life Meanings Of Words - laziness haha. So true!

True. @Miranda Keith

Free, Confession Ecard: "I just watched my dog chase its tail for 5 minutes and I thought: Dogs are easily entertained".Then I realized, "I was just watching my dog chase its tail for 5 minutes.

PMS tiger - I know I'm disgusting because I love all of these and laugh out loud...

I can't stop laughing, funny because it's true! Love the Japanese Flag part :)

im kind of a big dill

I'm kind of a big dill. And dill pickles are the only pickles are worth eating.