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This must be close to insanity. Of course, the company was once run (it may still be for all I know) by what's his name, you know, George Bush's  vice president.

Halliburton: Using your taxes to rebuild the stuff your taxes paid to blow up.

Occupy Wall Street Protests Gaining Steam  2011 September 29

Occupy Wall Street Protests Gaining Steam 2011 September these the spoiled college students everyone is talking about?

It's funny or sad...

But the people who are close to rioting over austerity in the USA are the ones who are erroneously blaming the President for Congressional obstructions.

Oil Field Worker Quotes | Love being an Admin for one of the Oilfield groups on FB. We have lots ...

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I was diagnosed with dyslexia when I was made more sense and everything became easier. weird, right? My fiance and I both laugh at my dyslexia because it's better to laugh at it than fear it.