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#Marketing #Content #Advertising #Quotes

#Marketing #Content #Advertising #Quotes

"If you hate your parents or the Establishment,..."

Another Henry Rollins quote. Rebel by learning more than they do.

Quoting Pann Lim, "I'm jobless." He's so passionate about his job that it doesn't even feel like work or a chore. I hope I can feel that way about my job someday.

Rules of a Creator’s Life: Do more than what you're told to do. Try new things. Make work into play. Work when others are resting. Always be creating. Make your own inspiration. Love what you do, or leave.

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity Seneca by InstantQuotes

Seneca quote poster: luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Train, persevere, be prepared. Inspiration for startups.

#inspiringquotes | "Be passionate about something and be good at it. Things will come." Doug Ziewacz, Under Armour Connected Fitness

Doug Ziewacz – Head of North America Digital Media & Advertising, Under Armour Connected Fitness


She understood that the hardest times in life to go through were when you were transitioning.