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"...I cared so much for Max Perkins that I have never been able to accept that he is dead. He never asked me to change anything I wrote, except to remove words which were not then publishable. Blanks were left, and anyone who knew the words would know what they were For me, he was not an editor. He was a wise friend and a wonderful companion I liked the way he wore his hat, and the strange way his lips moved..." - Ernest Hemingway, on Writing

Find some Mocha. Is it not cappuccino time? More about this fresh beverage ”

coffee & book

A great read is encouraged when having breakfast. Nothing's more pleasant than nibbling on a piece of toast, with a hot cup of tea/coffee and a good read. I'm currently reading "On Liberty - Mills" (philosophy reading!


for the coffee station. Moms platter with coffee cups sugar honey and milk on it.

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We need one of these, Jules!  Do you have one?  If not, I can buy it.

An original, dome-topped Bodum French press coffee maker with contemporary flair. The plunger-style brewing method results in fresh French press coffee revered for its rich, full-bodied character.


The newspaper is an example of the Blackletter/Old English font and its current use. Prominent, widely known New York Times Newspaper still uses the traditional old english typeface that dates back to medieval times.

Coffee ツ♡

Two Minute Breakfast Carrot Cake à La Mode - by V.Rees Photography, love the tones and compositioin of this photo!

Вспоминайте об этом, когда вам покажется, что у вас ничего не получается!

Вспоминайте об этом, когда вам покажется, что у вас ничего не получается!