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this instilled a really specific mood in me

Back before I didn't bring a reading flashlight everywhere.

i shouldn't be laughing but i am

This is a hundred and ten percent true. I have pressed flowers I got in France over two years ago and a ridiculous amount of plane and ticket stubs.

×✧we ғoυnd love.✧× ↠{VolleyballBeaυт}↞

Once in vacay there was this big bathroom w like 10 stalls at the pool in the resort I flushed it the toilet made a huge fart noise and my mom thought I farted. Then we all laughed and would always use that one. We called it the farting toilet lmao

@twelvelelands - We have conversations truly impossible for other people to understand. ;)  @Cjstarr99 - We have conversations that other people can't understand only because they are too ignorant and witless to keep up. ;)

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Bahaha. Or Chinese Japanese dirty knees look at these! Terrible rhyme thinking bak now lol

I spent 5 mins laughing at this because I remember yelling that at my brother.

It's those ds's. Used to do that all the time. Haha

I don't know what Kik is, but I've heard about it. I do remember DS chat rooms.

yea, this is so true cause it's not like I'm gonna do it right but everyone else is doing it wrong so what da heck

whenever im in a group project im like "give me the easiest job so I won't disappoint anyone" but im also like "no let me do everything you are all doing it WRONG"

Pet Guilt Trip

this is my life.always stepping on kitty cat tails and puppy dog feet!