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Thats the most beautifulest thing i have evea seen! Fancy water-moo- lawn inside fancy water-moo-lawn!

Carving watermelon fruit basket which is very amazing and this watermelon art food decoration will blow your mind to say what an amazing art of food.

watermelon sculpture: The Japanese crane and tortoise.

a sea turtle fruit-carving

Summer Foods. by allik17

Summer Foods. by allik17

I dont know what the heck this is supposed to be....it looks like a cantelope unicorn or pegasus or something...lol

funny food creation designs food art funny images bajiroo pictures 31 Funny Food Art You Can Try at Home Photos)

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Eco-friendly Party Ideas

Fruit cake for toddler parties. Start by slicing the watermelon into wedges and then arrange them in a stack of circles (rinds facing out) to create a cake shape, as shown. Decorate the cake with the other fruits.

Don't worry you can thank us for this later. Yes, we gleaned all popular blogs for the best baby shower fruit displays on the web!

15 Fun Baby Shower Fruit Display Ideas

the happy raw kitchen: Watermelon Baby Buggy:)

teapot carved from watermelon

Amazing food art Teapot made from a watermelon.

Really cute for a shower!

butterfly watermelon basket- so cute for a summer picnic

Fruit carving design and food garnishing

Fruit Carving - Vegetable Carving - Fruit Carving Arrangements and Food Garnishes: Romantic Fruit Carving Display


Edible bouquets, intricate stencils, and more watermelon designs.

Cibo e arte

Bird and fruit food carving on squash

Mes parents m'ont toujours dit de ne pas jouer avec la nourriture (et d'arrêter de faire des tops, mais c'est un autre sujet). Faut croire que ces artistes ont eu des parents plus cool ... et beaucoup

Top 29 des photos de sculptures sur fruits impressionnantes

Watermelon Festival in Italy Photobucket

Fruit salad! This is such a cute idea - it's like an edible Easter basket!

Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Watermelon Party Basket

Learn how to make a watermelon basket for a party decoration. Step by step recipe instructions with photos show how to cut the watermelon with a cut-out heart handle.


LOTS OF WATERMELON CARVING IDEAS. Liven up your Buffet or Appetizer table with these carved watermelon serving vessels. Everyone will be talking about your creativity.

Yep. Dad could probably do this.

A carved watermelon,

watermelon art | watermelon-art-01.jpg

Watermelon Sculpture — Takashi Itoh: Infinite Possibilites for Infinite Patience.