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Art in Nature - mushroom closeup with rippling layers & textures; organic inspirations for design

sunflower seeds golden ration fibonacci archimedian spiral in nature

Global Puzzle

sunflower seeds {these look like the seeds which I harvested from my tall sunflowers! They have this distinct 'striped' pattern on the ripe seed, and are edible. Can't remember variety name at the moment.

merde-petit-maitre:    Photography  (Macaw feathers, via wasbella102)

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Nature strikes !

Turkey Tail Fungi or possibly False Turkey tail or maybe Trametes versicolor?

Wet Sand - nature's artwork - colour, sculptural pattern  organic texture source for design

Wet Sand - nature's artwork - color, sculptural pattern organic texture source for design


This is a good example of food photography because anyone who has ever cooked with mushrooms knows that specific texture of that particular part of every mushroom. I can almost feel it on my finger tips just from looking at this photo.

Wood Stock 1 by *Moonchilde-Stock on deviantART

Textura ✞When through the woods, and forest glades I wander, And hear the birds sing sweetly in the trees.

Bee wings by Jon Cromwell

Butterflies & Insects - Bee Wings by Jon Cromwell: