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Planning your next trip? Here are five places you probably don't want to visit. Strange enough, science can't explain these mysteries either.

Strange enough, science can't explain these mysteries either. I actually live jn the Nevada Triangle (not pictured) but it crosses over almost all of southern utah, so yay!

Creepy video shows 'woman's soul leaving her body after road crash'

In a chilling scene showing the aftermath of a crash between a truck and a motorbike, a grainy spectre appears to hang in the air above the corpse of a girl caught up in the accident in Thailand.

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Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope And Nope! - 18 Pics/// I'm getting on the Nope Nope Train to F*ck-this-vill.

Two cats having a conversation… And omg they look like mirror reflections at the end!

Two cats having a conversation…

Rare And Interesting Pictures

Very Rare And Interesting Pictures

Rare And Interesting Pictures. However, after the first 15 ships were banked which idiot Captain navigated his boat to the same point?

The Gate of the Sun | Like the well-known British Stone Structure Stonehenge, The Gate of the Sun's solid stone arch construction is just as mysterious. Moreover, at over 12,500 feet above sea-level, the Bolivian location is where many scientists believe the first forms of human civilization started.

The Gate of the SUn in Brazil Awesome & Mysterious Discoveries Found on Earth. is Unbelievable!

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