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Golden Retriever having a Ball!

Golden Retriever having a Ball!

Golden retriever puppy. So cute! Do you want more info on this cutie? Go to: https://www.petpremium.com/pet-health-center/dog-breeds/golden-retriever/

Golden Retriever Puppy Running. Omg can u imagine this little thing running to you? I want i want i want!

I'm ready...

Picture gallery of Golden Retriever Dog Golden Retriever - Vetstreet Cheerful, easy to train and eager to please, the Golden Retrieve.

Man, I love you

Golden Retriever Puppies are a medium sized breeds made for hunting. Check out some photos of the golden retriever puppy.

Love Goldens! They have a good spirit. I will never understand people who choose e.g. bullterriers instead :-S

Golden Retriever - Noble Loyal Companions

LDF(Loving dog family) seeking to find HMG(Handsome Male Golden) to join our family.

Golden Retriever ~ Classic "Wet Dog" Look

❦ There’s nothing more scarry than a wet dog. "Stay back, stay back. I love you too boy.Great, now I smell like a wet dog.