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Peter Pan v. Captain Hook... I love this. I want to live at Disneyland. Please?

Peter Pan v. Captain Hook // Can I just meet Peter Pan already?<<<<All the Peter Pans at Disneyland are the best

Ugh... I thought it was someone important it’s just scar though

"And seen for the wonder I am"


Dark Disney, Disney Land, Disney Pixar, Disney Movies, Jafar, Disney Marvel, Disney Villains, Disney Dreams, Evil People

"I want that diamond!" - Madame Medusa

Disney Things That Are Shorter Than an Oscar

In which we come up with a list of Disney things shorter than an Oscar Statuette.


It's good to be the King!

Hades. ❣Julianne McPeters❣ no pin limits

Who is The "Baddest" Disney Villian Ever?

Hades Hurcules / Disney Villains Inspired Movie by FADEGrafix 〖 Disney Hercules Hades 〗

Que tal ?

Personagens Disney em retratos

Lady Tremaine (Head Shots by MarioOscarGabriele

11 signs you are a Disney villain

11 Signs You're a Disney Villain

Telltale signs you're a Disney villain.


~ † Jafar From Aladdin.

Disney Cinderella Poster on Wanelo

Cinderella step by step


The Hunchback of Notre Dame


Full schedule for 'Unleash the Villains' Limited Time Magic event at Disney's Hollywood Studios - Doctor Disney

“You’ll have your looks, your pretty face, and don’t underestimate the importance of body language. Ha!”  – Ursula, The Little Mermaid

Questionable Dating Advice from Disney Characters

These Disney Villain Song Parodies About Food Are Hilarious


My favorite animal is a mouse

"Blooming In Adversity"

oh walt...i love you. (aka disney printables how to

One of my very very favorite quotes(: Mulan. my favorite disney movie EVER!