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Mr Rush & Mr Firth

Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth by Peter Hapak for the film "The King's Speech"

Geoffrey Rush

Geoffrey RUSH (b. [] Active since 1971 > Born Geoffrey Roy Rush 6 July 1951 Queensland, Australia > Nationality: Australian > Other: Film Producer > Spouse: Jane Menelaus (m.

Cary Grant / Born: Archibald Alexander Leach, January 18, 1904 in Horfield, Bristol, England, UK / Died: November 29, 1986 (age 82) in Davenport, Iowa, USA

Cary Grant - born Archibald Alexander Leach in Horfield, Bristol, England, UK was a British American actor known as one of classic Hollywood's definitive leading men. Cause of death, cerebral hemorrhage.

Tom Hanks is one of my favorite actor, I've seen almost every single one of his films and there has yet to be one that I haven't loved.

Tom Hanks - Thomas Jeffrey Tom Hanks is an American actor, producer, writer, and director. Hanks is known for his roles in Philadelphia and as the title character in Forrest Gump, roles which won him two consecutive Academy Awards for Best Actor.

Love them!

Simon Pegg & Nick Frost - i love their romance! Nick is so cute and Simon reminds me of my brother, so fried gold both ways.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Kingsman: The Secret Service