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And this is the kind of graphics I'd love to see in game. I love the portability of my DS, but the graphics of another system would work well for Pokemon I think.

I've heard that you love Pokemons

Pretty Cool Pokemon Drawings! He'll Be Posting the Legendaries Within the Next Couple of Days!!

Pokemon Reimagined

Pokemon re-imagined >> Awesome speciaIIy those bug types no wonder mysty hate them xD !

How Pokemon live inside their Pokeballs. Cute. :P


Life inside a Pokeball. Did anyone notice nurse joy sleeping with pikachu in the ultra ball?

Amazing Pokemon Re-Design

Just Some Pokemon Art

Piper Thibodeau, whose work includes incredible, adorable takes on cryptids and famous monsters, and the thing that really hooked me redesigns for over a hundred of the original Pokémon. - Crafted from the finest Internets.

Pokémon Weapon Art

Pokémon Weapon Art Cosplay Ideas << this is seriously the most awesome thing ever!

Realistic pokemon

Realistic pokemon

Hyperrealistic Illustrations of Pokémon Characters . This would just be to awesome if there was a hyper realistic pokemon movie. Bring these to life please!

Cool Pokemon! Lost link to original work, but I will get it. Talented _Deviant_Art

So I saw a post about the weird "real" Pokemon, these are realistic Pokemon