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carry it along, stamp it on whatever is available...that is just plain brilliant. BUT! will I be likely to get ink all over me in the process of carrying it around?

Brilliant Eco-Business Card Can Be Printed on Practically Anything

Business card for Andrea Romani an environmental consultant. Design by Fischer Portugal: This is a great piece of marketing for the client because of the client's intention. Both clever and resourceful, since anything can become a business card.

20 new amazing business cards – Best of October 2013

20 new amazing business cards – Best of October 2013

Stamp Business Card Love the idea of stamping the logo onto the black side of the business card. This is great for the fact every card is unique, and gives it a handmade feel. However, means extra time sitting there stamping away.

Business Card - This is what a business card should look like, If someone gave me this, I would be impressed.

Simply Adam Mann of Phoenix, says his focus is "to provide clean, functional, quality designs while supporting local businesses and developing lasting relationships.