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Che trio !!!!!!

Che trio !!!!!!


These two melt my heart, what a beautiful friendship between a boy and his dog



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Lab puppies

is part of the dog breeders who plays on Dogzer with their dogs. 50 dogs appeared at this breeder's.

Recipies, Sweetie Belle

This could have been our cat, Mickey. Add onto my Mom's comment: looks like he's hanging out on a street similar to Park Ave. in Winter Park (also our cat's style, lol).

Just chillin’, move along…


How can you say no to this face? This is the sweetest puppy face I've seen so far. How adorable! I think his adorableness should be on a Animals,babies & kids,Chiens,Cute Puppy Pictures,cuteness

Discovering distortion

Nina Leen ~ Cat peering into glass, which reflects its image in reverse, creating perfect example of light refraction, 1963

Adorable - Unlikely friendships, puppy and kitten

Animal Odd Couples

OUr Great Dane thinks the deer on our hill are her cousins. She never barks at them!

Great dane and fawn. Great Danes are such gentle dogs, and fawns are such curious creatures.

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