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How to make crispy roasted green beans is a quick recipe and so easy vegetable side dish that adds color and nutritious to your meal!

How to make crispy roasted Green Beans

Cooked at minutes to "dry out" the green beans a little more. How to make crispy roasted Green Beans - Primavera Kitchen

Freeze avocados once theyre ripe! Great for when they go on sale, or when you need an avocado and theyre all too firm at the store. They keep for MONTHS this way! Who knew? - Click for Recipe

Pink Sugar Bowl: Over Ripe Avocados? Don't throw them out! Freeze avocados once they're ripe! They keep for MONTHS this way!

Body Wrap At Home, seriously this chick's blog about the at home wrap is hilarious!!!

Body Wrap At Home

The at-home body wrap: You too can be stupid in the privacy of your own home. Stop using beauty diy people.

Botanica - Potatura del limone - YouTube

Dieta del limone: come perdere peso in soli 3 giorni - News Cronaca

Cholesterol-lowering foods - Dr. Axe

Strictly avoiding all fats is not the answer to lowering high cholesterol naturally. These top cholesterol-lowering foods taste great and lower inflammation.

ナスを食べて体重を減らし 消化力アップ! ナスは食べごたえがあるだけでなく、体内から毒素や余分な水分を排出するのを助けます。水太りでお悩みの方にピッタリの野菜です。

Bakłażany – usuń dzięki nim tłuszcz z brzucha!

Choose fresh herbs.  Chop well or leave whole. Place on trays of ice cubes (about 2/3 full of herbs). Mix herbs (sage, thyme, rosemary). Place extra virgin olive oil or unsalted melted butter over the herbs. Cover with plastic and freeze. Frozen cubes are stored in Ziplock bags. Label each bag with the type of herbs and oil inside!

Preserve herbs in ice cube trays with olive oil. Freeze in trays and then bag in ziploc bag. Use when cooking by popping herb cube in pan. Herbs that freeze well are: rosemary, sage, thyme and oregano. Oil is infused with herbs.

Researchers Slam 30-Year-Old Guidelines On Fatty Foods - Biology, Medicine, Anatomy and Physiology

Researchers Slam 30-Year-Old Guidelines On Fatty Foods