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Here is a cool costume but of course we'd have two gun belts for a gun on each side and your man dressed as a bad a$$ cowboy, long duster, cowboy hat ! (:

Choosing the steampunk theme for a wedding is rather daring in itself, so choosing an outfit don’t hesitate to wear almost crazy things! I think that a steampunk bridesmaid’ outfit is something really creative.

Barn wood framed with barbwire

Howard Howard Gibson Barn wood framed with barbwire.good christmas gift for my love I'm thinking.

Flowers Texas Style - Texas Silk Ties & Belt Buckles

Flowers Texas Style - Texas Silk Ties & Belt Buckles

I wrote a piece for HubPages titled, "Four Country Songs That Tell a Story".  In this piece I reflect on the work of Johnny Cash, the Dixie Chicks, and others.  Country musicians are often noted for their ability to tell a story, and here I list some of my favorite country stories/songs.

Four Country Songs That Tell a Story

If you are in-love with country music and you want to know the best in the list then hearing these top 10 country songs would get you tapping your woods on the floor.

Awh how awesome is this?? Galloping horse Antiqued Attitude Buckle by Montana Silversmiths

Scalloped Running Horse Classic Antiqued Attitude Belt Buckle - Attitude Buckles - Buckles