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Mi Nombre!

Mi Nombre!

foam furniture - Google Search

Interesting perspective on looking at a chair

Porta pivotante em um projeto corporativo.  Fotografia: http://www.decorfacil.com/portas-pivotantes/

Love these door designs, possibly for meeting rooms? Note that all partitions are glass except for door, allows for the allusion of open space, yet if used "smart glass" have the option to become completely private

La Moneta Dell’Italia Unita

La Moneta Dell’Italia Unita

PICNIC poster, concept by Hans Blaas, photography by Eddo Hartmann

so there's a Dutch festival called Picnic featuring children in spacesuits?

Alice- wow. very cool

asylum-art: “ A Towering Figure Enclosed Within a Glass Greenhouse by Susanne Ussing Susanne Ussing, ‘I Drivhuset’ (‘In the Greenhouse’), Ussing was a Danish artist and architect, with a special.