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Diamonds are forever by rosiete

Antiqued Brass Tree Turquoise Porcelain Owl necklace by gemandmetal on Etsy

awww. it's a baby owl..

Antiqued Brass Leaf Turquoise Porcelain Owl Necklace I love owls.

pretty :)

yes, i love nautical things that much! good thing my husband is a former navy man.

so cute!

Antiqued Brass Leaf Agate Quartz Lampwork Owl by gemandmetal

Silver Plated Brass Leaf Porcelain Owl Necklace by gemandmetal

Antiqued Brass Flower Green Turquoise Necklace

Antiqued Brass Flower Green Turquoise Necklace

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Antiqued Brass Branch Flower Porcelain Owl by gemandmetal on Etsy