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Cause Ernest Hemingway was badass!

Ernest Hemingway boxing in Africa. [after reading "green hills of africa" and seeing this. my life is complete now!

This poem is by Erin Hanson not E. Hemingway.

But it's you that holds the pen. This hit me like a ton of bricks. So powerful.

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Downloadable Fall quote, "but I think I love fall most of all..."

If I were to be so bold as to edit E. I would remove the last line to dispell the morbidity of an excerpt which already breathes so much life.

Earnest hemmingway

Honestly, wonderful,especially til the last two lines. I thought it be about the beauty of nature in and of itself. Instead,it could turns into a love poem.

Earnest hemmingway

Inspo from our friends! If you cannot be a poet, be the poem. How did the ocean get so blue? This girl is an outstanding poet!


10 of Ernest Hemingway's Greatest Quotes - one of the many reasons why Hemingway is my favorite writer of all time