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Fan Ho | 1207hofan08

Plongez dans le Hong Kong des années 1950 à travers ces somptueuses photographies en noir et blanc

Fotographiqa | Insight: The Brilliance of Ho Fan 何藩's Photography

Denio Press and The Travels of Ching by Robert Bright: Chinese Photographer Ho Fan 何藩 Fan Ho

Hong Kong in bianco e nero -Life Goes On

Named Hong Kong Memoirs, Fan Ho decided to go back in time for his new exhibition, revisiting his vast archive of unused negatives from the and taken of everyday life in the Chinese region. The photographer created minimal yet

photo © Fan Ho 何藩.

1950’s Hong Kong Inspires New Photography Series by Fan Ho 何藩

photo © Fan Ho 何藩.

Marc Riboud, Paris, May 1968 -- Youth Revolution in Paris -- It inspired the Beatle Song ... "REVOLUTION" (2versions) 1 'up' & 1 slow. Frisco / Woodstock NY  /Seattle / Paris / Chicago -- Where WASN'T unrest happening? It was contagous. AND there wasn't any Texting/Twittering/FBooking/ etc to tell people where to be.

I'm going to a Paris protest with my little handbag on my shoulder, while sitting on my boyfriends shoulders. Marc Riboud: Paris, May

Photo: daguerreotype of John Quincy Adams taken by Philip Haas, c. 1843. Credit: Wikimedia Commons. Read more on the GenealogyBank blog: “U.S. Supreme Court Frees ‘Amistad’ Slaves”

John Quincy Adams, Earliest known photograph of a U.<<< Amazing, Son of John Adams our president. John Q was a little more popular than his dad.

These stunning photographs of Hong Kong in the are captured beautifully by a teenager - Ho Fan, who arrived from Shanghai in Ho was stro