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Misrepresenting Scientific Evidence on E-Cigarettes

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Electronic Cigarettes - Call it Quits

From The Economist MORE evidence is in that so-called e-cigarettes do let smokers stop smoking. Such cigarettes deliver to the user an oral nicotine hit wi

10 Electronic Cigarette Problems and How to Solve Them

Got problems using your electronic cigarette? Learn what the ten most common e-cigarette mistakes are - and how to fix them!

The Readers' Editor On… Advertising E-cigarettes

Mark Benton - a favourite actor of mine - advertising e-cigarettes.

A Flawed E-Cigarette Regulation

A Flawed E-Cigarette Regulation

وكالة الأخبار الاقتصادية والتكنولوجية : زيادة التمويل للمصارف اليونانية بمقدار 900

Witness the TRUE Scandal of Unelected MEPs Raping the Taxpayer - This is the true face of unelected MEPs and how they openly steal taxpayers money by claiming expenses they are NOT entitled to. There are 736 unelected MEPs in Europe.