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Violet Earrings by LadybirdandLeaf on Etsy, £28.00

Winter Aconite Necklace by LadybirdandLeaf on Etsy

Sweet Violet Flowers are Edible and A True Flower of Love

About Sweet Violet flowers uses and benefits. Sweet violet flowers are strongly associated with love. Fun facts and superstitions about the Sweet Violet.

Lovely regal violet floral brooch decorated with enamel & highlighted with diamonds!circa 1900

Enamel and diamond brooch/ pendant, circa Designed as a violet, the petals decorated with matt polychrome enamel and highlighted with circular-cut diamonds.

чудесно, милая, редчайших винтажных букет фиалок брошь, алмазы, жадеит

Wonderful, sweetest, rarest vintage bouquet of violets brooch, diamonds, jadeite

Forget-me-not brooch. Germany late 20th C. 14k yellow gold, three amethysts, three brilliant-cut diamonds weighing 0.06 carats and jade.

A carved Violet flower brooch (Germany, late C.) with carved Amethyst flowers and Jade leaves on gold stems and brilliant-cut diamond centers of each violet

A SUITE OF AMETHYST, NEPHRITE JADE AND DIAMOND JEWELLERY  Comprising a brooch and ear clips, each modelled as a bouquet of violets, their carved amethyst petals to circular-cut diamond centres, raised on nephrite jade leaves with polished stems below, circa 1950, Austro-Hungarian marks for gold.

Austro-Hungarian gold amethyst, nephrite-jade and diamond brooch and ear clips, each modelled as a bouquet of violets, violets signify modesty in the language of flowers.

Creative Lalique, Amethyst  Flower Brooch

AMETHYST, GARNET AND DIAMOND BROOCH, the flowers composed of oval amethysts and the leaves set with circular-cut green garnets, tied with a ribbon set with circular-cut diamonds, Italian assay marks. Vita of stylised bouquet design

Posy of purple violets enamel on metal pin by MaggieTheTortoiseCat, $28.00

Posy of purple violets enamel on metal pin brooch fresh lovely spring like vintage