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The stone beads are very similar, and can be found in a variety of shapes and materials.


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Image detail for -Welcome to Sea Glass Treasures where only sea glass naturally tumbled .

— Turquoise, Kunzite, Rhodonite, or Sodalite

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"Goldstone is a man made stone that is made from copper and has many healing attributes to it. Goldstone boosts the glow of life force energy, strengthening chi and the inner self. Goldstone placed in the home or work environment will help calm over excitability and promote a sense of well being. Aside from being an energy generator goldstone is also a good deflector of unwanted energies and is therefore also a stone of protection."

“Goldstone helps motivate you towards your goals. It also can be used to help you stay calm & repel unwanted energy.

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Although green glass colors (from beer bottles or wine bottles), along  with brown and white, make up the most commonly found colors of beach  glass, there are also lighter or darker greens and hues of green that  are far less common... Read more: http://www.odysseyseaglass.com/green-sea-glass.html

Green sea glass comes in a HUGE number of shades. For some, "green is green is green," but I prefer to think that if a particular shade clearly occurs multiple times, it's a specific color.