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trollbeads I earth I voted out of retirement.

The design for Big Earth was a collaborative effort between Nicolas Aagaard and his grandfather, Svend Nielsen. Please note that it is much larger than other beads.

The Midgard Serpent Bead - trollbeads.com

The Midgard Serpent from Norse mythology was fathered by the trickster god Loki. It lies in the Great Ocean and is so big that it encircles all of Midgard, biting its own tail.

Trollbeads Retired Dichroic Flower Lock

Buy retired Trollbeads from Bead Sensation, your retired Trollbeads specialist. We have retired Trollbeads in stock.

Trollbeads World Tour Big World

The Trollbeads World Tour beads are country specific releases. We are stocking all country beads, including the much wanted Trollbeads World Tour South Africa beads.

Trollbeads - Retired - Etrusker

Trollbeads - Retired - Etrusker

troll bead:snow (Maybe someday)

Official Trollbeads Silver Snowball Charm 11273 from John Greed Jewellery.

Trollbeads Ocean (This will be for my beach theme bracelet I plan to start this summer)

Ocean Bead

Trollbeads: Ocean Bead, Silver - The longing for the ocean, its roaring waves and countless beaches are all put into this bead that reminds us of saltwater and summer.

Trollbeads Kleiner Bär

Pre-order now! Little Bear Bead 1004102004 for the new Autumn Trollbeads release, Eastern Meets Nordic. One ear raised, listening to the sounds of the forest. Who is coming?

Zebra - trollbeadsuniverse.com

The African zebra are known for their distinctive black stripes, which come in different patterns, unique to each individual and so does this bead.