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Unbeatable love

Unbeatable love

To find happiness, you need to find joy in the little things. Today, I present to you, Chickens Doing Yoga.

Presenting "Chickens Doing Yoga"

Different Types of Chickens, Breeds & Varieties Several classes of chickens can be penned together, their temperament is what determines compatibility when you are

Yes, I know where your socks are... And I believe you know where the treats are!

Axel hides the socks in the corner of my couch, recliner, and love seat.

The Other Side

Funny pictures about A kiss for you. Oh, and cool pics about A kiss for you. Also, A kiss for you.

Describes how keeping goats & chickens in the same yard together is possible if special care practices are followed.

Intricacies keeping goats chickens yard

Must Love German Shepherds!

Shepherd: What? You humans do it, so us fluff balls can!

Beginners Guide To Raising Goats | #homesteading #goats @savannahhhjanee this is perfect for you

A Simple Guide to Raising & Milking Goats

Beginners Guide To Raising Goats. Mike wants goats someday. I want to make cheese-hmmmm

The German Shepherd

Perfect for all the people who are dumping their GSD's like crazy lately! Trump karma coming soon.