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Give a hand for the eagle ....

These hand paintings are the works of Guido Daniele. You forget they're all hand paintings and start to think you're looking at images of real animals.

Stunning Body Painting

A hand painted as a Dog which is coined as a 'Handimal' by it's artist Guido Daniele.

Painted hand animals, there should be a puppet show done with these :$

finger painting

Ley de semejanza

Guido Daniele is a Milan based artist who was born in Soverato, Italy. Check out 10 Most Amazing Hand Paintings by Guido Daniele


Animal Portraits On Hands Transform Definition Of "Hand-Painted"

Wise Old Elephant - Guido Daniele’s ‘Handimals’

Artist Guido Daniele’s Amazing Illusions. Amazing hand paintings of animals by Italian artist Guido Daniele create illusions that are truly one of a kind. Click through for a slideshow.

Body Painting and Hand-Art by Guido Daniele: Milan, Italy - My Modern Metropolis

Body Painting and Hand-Art by Guido Daniele: Milan, Italy

Artist Shannon Holt masterfully turns humans into animals using body paint

Guido Daniele

Hand Paintings

Italian artist Guido Daniele creates the most wonderful life-like depictions of animals simply by applying body paint to the hands of his models.

EDGARD HUNT                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Edgar Hunt painting/illustration depicting Spring when the chicks hatch. It is a beautiful painting.

Six examples of incredible body art that will blow your mind - clue: This isn't really a frog

22 Masterful Body Paintings That Disguise Humans As Animals