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Paint a Jack-o-Lantern black. A few years back, at my old workplace, we had a pumpkin carving contest between teams. My team painted a pumpkin black and carved Darth Vader.

Halloween Is Coming! Be prepared with these cool Halloween decoration ideas for 2013!

Halloween is such a fun Holiday. I love seeing all the cool decorations people come up with. Whether they are jack-o-lanterns, bats, spiders, ghosts, or wicked witches; But what's Halloween without skeletons?

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vintage or antique Halloween style decorations- orange painted chair, raven, jack o lantern, and photo garland

Halloween decor outside

Bring your yard to gruesome life with the Escape from Grave Zombie Halloween Decor. This animated Halloween decoration features a zombie who looks like he's trying to claw his way out of the ground.

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Spiderweb Balloon for Halloween

Easy diy decor: balloon, yarn, glue and spiders. Hang up to dry. Use your fingers and run yarn through them to get excess glue solution off.