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Gisele Bundchen, Soft Autumn

Gisele Bundchen, Soft Autumn

Красота, вдохновленная природой - Определяем цветотип. Цвет волос

hair colour soft summer Celebrities if you click through SJP and Rachel

Ashlee Simpson is a Soft Summer

Soft Summer Celebrities include Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Aniston, and many more.

The Soft Summer is a blend of the summer and autumn seasons.

You are a Soft Summer. - this was a good quiz. It used the process of elimination to get to the end result.

Summer-Autumn, Soft Summer color celebrities

Are you a Summer-Autumn (Soft Summer)?

This is an easy to understand and detailed post with celebrity examples about the Soft Summer (Summer-Autumn) seasonal color palette.

related types: warm autumn / soft autumn / soft summer

Soft Autumn - Soft Summer - Cool Summer *I've seen Kate Middleton often listed as a Cool Summer- lighting/photo dependent?

Soft Autumn #inventyourimage #blog post about women's books of color

This Soft Autumn Women s Personal Color Analysis palette is soft

"instead of black, try..." by pinz824 on Polyvore

This beige color palette is light and neutral and can be combined with other colors easily!