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There is nothing lovely about having to continuously convince someone to love you. I feel like I'm always fighting for you, for us.


She looks at his eyes everyday.even though its in pictures & dreams.she still wispers i love you with tears & heartbreak.some people can never pass this challange.


I use to cry a lot because of you. But I have started to cry a lot because well going through this I lost a piece of me that I love. A piece that I only got back after staying with my family for a week. Leave my life please.

I can testify to this. I saw my absence drive him mad. Whyd you let me go?

I don't like to be ignored or taken for granted.and when I'm done, I'm done. Not sure if anyone really cares if I leave tho.

I will love my life the way I loved you.

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i know I’m not easy to love. i’m a chronic over-thinker, i overreact more than I should. and every once in a while, i might be a little insecure. maybe I’m not the best at being loved. but I like to think I’m pretty good at loving - chelsea carroll

Lasting impression

I remember those wordless conversations.where everything was said through a look, touch and a sleepy smile that meant more than any words ever could

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