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Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort: China unveils hotel shaped like a giant, glowing doughnut, this August.

Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort, a gigantic glowing doughnut hotel in China

Chinese Airlines Are Shifting Focus to Domestic Routes to Follow Passenger Demand  China's state airlines like Air China are seeing more growth on domestic routes than international routes. Pictured is an Air China jet. Boeing Dreamscape  Skift Take: China's state airlines were eager to flex their muscles overseas during the past few years but perhaps those route expansions were too aggressive or premature as most travel in China is still domestic.   Dan Peltier  For years Chinas three…

For years, China’s three state-owned airlines kept adding flights on international routes to chase after a rising middle class that can afford to fly overs

This picture taken on November 22, 2012 shows a half-demolished apartment building standing in the middle of a newly-built road thanks to a Chinese couple that refused to move in Wenling, in eastern China's Zhejiang province

In this Nov. photo, people stand near a house sitting in the middle of a new main road on the outskirts of Wenling city in east China's Zhejiang province. Authorities have demolished.

Hongshan culture (4700 to 3000 BCE) blossomed in what is now the Liaoning  Province of the North East China and the eastern areas of Inner Mongolia.…  | Pinteres…

Glass jug Signed by Ennion Period: Early Imperial, Julio-Claudian Date: half of century CE

We might be just normal citizens you and us but with all our voices, we can make a big change !   Time is running and we must do something in China before the end of 2014.   We are currently working with many volunteers to ban the cruel meat and fur dogs and cats traffic in the city of  Jianyang  in  Sichuan   Province , the biggest dog killing city.   Here they steal dogs from owners on the streets and kill them every day by hanging them from the neck to the ceiling until they can not…

President Xi Jinping - 习近平 and 李克强 (Premier Li Keqiang), Stop the dog & cat meat market in China

A Bengal tiger snatched a man off a fishing boat in eastern India, as Sushil Manjhi and kids were crab fishing, even though it's illegal in this protected reserve, Sunderbans National Park. India has more than half of the 3,200 tigers believed to be left in the wild in the world. Because of India's growth of 1.2 billion people, tiger habitats have been shrinking. The big cat's numbers have also dwindled because of rampant poaching to feed a flourishing market for tiger organs and bones in…

Tiger leaps onto boat, snatches man in east India Sunderbans delta, south of Calcutta. what are the chances?

twisting-tower-shanghai. Weilun Xu and Chenyi Zhang from the Tongji University in Shanghai explained their vision for a novel skyscraper for modern China:

Weilun Xu and Chenyi Zhang from the Tongji University in Shanghai explained their vision for a novel skyscraper for modern China.

Sheraton Moon Hotel is located next to Nan Tai Lake in Huzhou, a city situated west of Shanghai and north of Hangzhou, overlooking Suzhou and Wuxi across the lake. Since ancient times, Huzhou has been known as “the house of silk” and “the land o