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I love this quote. I'm young but I know that I want to be the president of the world,the first girl president. So years from now,remember the name Ramirez and vote for me. Lol

"who runs the world?" This relates to power because it''s saying that girls run the world. Girls have the power to do anything.

The smartest thing a woman can ever learn, is to never need a man quote

8 Girl Power Quotes To Inspire You ♀

I want my daughters too learn, live and breath this. I think every woman needs to learn to not need anyone and to always always be able to hold herself up alone. Nothing wrong with love of being with a man, just learn to keep your independence!

The Sisterhood of Traveling Thinspiration – Page 2 – Musings of a Medi Weight Loss Counselor

"Darling, you are fabulous!" from my baby sis. (she's fabulous too)

What is done inlove is done well. -Vincent Van Gogh |  | you may also like to visit  http://livegreatquotes.com/ like, Follow & share us on Facebook, Twitter for your Favorite Quotes of the day :)

"What is done in love is done well." Van Gogh Quote Art Print floral Love 11 x 14 ~ I Van Gogh, God bless him, RIP

So he ran off to find a girl who wears pink aprons and doesn't read. She'll think his world is just swell.

This is the greatest thing I've ever seen. There was once a guy in my life who both he and my friends thought that he offered me the world. Now I realize what I really needed it to be, I needed to tell him that I had my own.


It’s friday! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite things I’m wanting to share lately in lieu of the weekend! The Seven things you’re not supposed to talk ab…

I wanted you bad I'm so through with that. Cause honestly you turned out to be the best thing I never had

I wanted you bad I'm so through with that. Cause honestly you turned out to be the best thing I never had- Beyonce

The Ultimate Girl Power Playlist  I may or may not like the songs on this list.  But I need to at least save it and look it up

I don't agree with any of the foul language - our girls don't need that to be empowered but I do like what the songs represent! OK Ladies. The Ultimate Girl Power Playlist! Comment below if you have a favortie not on the list!