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un)social media | Section A: Data, Information, and Culture

un)social media | Section A: Data, Information, and Culture

Moderately Confused  (May/28/2015)

This is a funny depiction of user created themes and trends that happen within social media Moderately Confused

Dilbert: Social Media Expert 1st day #cartoon

High time companies re looked at their social media policies, specially in light of smart phones

Howl colors do affect purchases

How do colours affect purchases? Colour Psychology Shopping is the art of persuasion. Though there are many factors that influence how and what consumers buy. However, a great deal is decided by visual cues, the strongest and most persuasive being color.

Social Media isn't at trend - aren't you reading this now on a social site? :)

Memes that marketers can appreciate

Social media humor and marketing cartoons about engagement | Unearthed Comics

Social Media Humor Now you can claim when you misspell something, its a strategy for social media engagement.

Build relationships with customers to create a memorable brand experience

SocMedSean: Building a Social Media Strategy: Building a corporate social media strategy and policies can be tough. This cartoon shows how some have differing expectations