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" Odin becomes ruler of Asgard, and eventually falls in love with Gaea, in time becoming the father of the Thunder God Thor as he wanted a son who would be strong on both Asgard and Earth. He creates a cave in Norway for her to give birth in. He notices that Thor's eyes are those of Bor's though, and realizes one day 'the wheel will turn again'. He then returns to Asgard with Thor, and his wife Frigga acts as Thor's mother."

n Norse mythology, the World Tree called Yggdrasill runs like a pole through this world and the realms above and below it. Yggdrasill is a great ash tree that connects all living things and all phases of existence.

Nine Worlds from Norse mythology ( love the way the upper realm includes so many of the god/dess' halls and lands... unfortunately, all the wells are depicted at the bottom ... probably because they are each said to be under a root but it does say one root goes to Midgardh and one extends into the heavens)

Map of Yggdrasil (Nine Worlds) In Norse mythology it is said that there are nine worlds all joined in the great tree of Yggrasil. Asgard Being the home to the Norse gods and Midgard being the home of the humnas.

Hjalmar’s Holmgang against 12 Berserkers for Love

oldpaintings: “ Hjalmar’s farewell to Örvar-Oddr after the Battle of Samsø, 1866 by Mårten Eskil Winge (Swedish, ”

Viking girl.....would love to see my girlfriend in this !

Viking Girl Warrior With Sword In A Wood Royalty Free Stock Photo, Pictures, Images And Stock Photography.

So true. You can be brave without any, but you cannot understand the hardships of bearing them....I have scars and plenty..proud..darryl

Viking Drinking Horn Vessels and Accessories

Wear yours scars with pride because as scar-less man has not felt the hardship of life or the feeling of pain. This goes for our military,give them respect & love for everything they do for this country. God bless our troops.