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The 25 Most Fedora Worthy Things That Have Ever Happened

One of my managers at work thought I called him an Asshole because of that damn thing!!!!!

Unfortunately to my dismay, I was indeed a fan of that irritating tangerine.


Animal crackers…

Don't let the haters bring you down! You eat those animal crackers, girl! Best cashier ever

Did you hear about the dad jokes or probably heard some of them? So we bring you the Amazing 25 Dad Texts That Broke the Internet

Waluigi is bae

What do I do with this information <<Waluigi's friends are introduced in Warioware and warriors inc. They include small cute girls, cats, dogs, and funky fresh men who dance groovily.

Nothing heals the soul like memes and laughter.

51 Pictures That Will Make You Laugh So Hard, You'll Pee A Little

Nothing heals the soul like memes and laughter.

ROWLEYYYYYYYY (Ahem, why u always lyin')

I ain't say I ready oerfect kani but i know katalana and that dont say yhat I swear. Plz tell me if im wrong (its likely but I have faith in myself and year of japanese lessons in college)