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gardening To Live Deliberately: gardening

gardening To Live Deliberately: gardening

Preparing the ground for a permaculture garden | http://areturntosimplicity.com

Preparing The Ground For A Permaculture Garden

New to permaculture? Here is a super easy and straightforward way of preparing the ground for a permaculture garden (lasagna mulching method).

great site for reusing grey water, companion planting, many things permaculture.

Need to make this possible for the new house Recycling Greywater, Milkwood Permaculture -afristar permaculture posters. Water is going to be bigger than oil in terms of scarcity and price wars. We are going to have to learn how to use every bit we have.

Polyculture design can be bewildering and even intimidating. I’ve been planting and thinking about polycultures for over two decades. During that time I’ve planted a lot of failed polycultures that didn’t work for one reason or another, as well as some successful ones. I’ve also visited many sites in many climates and seen polycultures functioning very well – especially in the tropics, where agroforestry systems are much farther along than my cold temperate home.  I’ve assembled a set of…

Excellent article on the guidelines for perennial polyculture design

Cherry trees are a good choice for home fruit production, but pests can sometimes be a problem. Here's how we planted our cherry trees using a permaculture guild - a combination of plants that works together to produce more healthy cherries.

The Cherry Tree Guild and Natural Pest Control

from vines and shrubs to woody trees. A majority of the fucus species originates from the tropical regions, but some also grow wild in subtropical and temp

Forest garden swale: Trees planted off swale bank to take advantage of wet-season water. #livingecology #permacultureinternship

101 Permaculture Designs

Temperate Climate Permaculture: Permaculture Projects: Swales PIc: swale design by Bill Mollison