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5 Ways You Can Fight Sex Trafficking, Right Now, From Your Computer | http://www.thecoolist.com/5-ways-can-fight-sex-trafficking-right-now-computer/ | help make the world a better place...

Former Foster Parent Exposes How CPS Kidnaps Kids Away from Good Homes – Puts them on Drugs!

I know this says Ukraine, but if it's happening it's still an issue. Where it happens is irrelevant. Fight it wherever it occurs.

Many misunderstand sex trafficking victims, thinking they become sex workers by choice, can't be farther from the truth

Sex trafficking of boys in the US. it hurts me that we really only talk about the girls when boys alike are being trafficked as well.

Sex trafficking of boys in the US. ReAwaken Hope creates inclusive services targeting boys who are often forgotten in the conversations about

Be the change. Become educated and recognize signs of human trafficking-modern-day slavery. It can (and does) happen everywhere.

Houston named a major hub for human sex trafficking. I want to stop this horrible business.

What can you do to end it?

Infographic on human trafficking, targeted more towards the washington area with specific organizations, but still handy for us!

I won the powerball for 610,000,000 on 8/23/2017. I am eternally grateful!!!!!  So I can help human trafficking


If we all come together to help, we can be successful in helping to end human trafficking. Say no to human trafficking. Say no to Fifty shades and donate your movie ticket money to save girls!