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blue whale in the ocean

Scientists ‘hunt’ singing blue whales The Blue Whale (Balaenoptera musculus). Photo from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration photo library

Did you ever get the feeling you were being watched?

Putting the Size of a Whale in Perspective! Roughly the size of a basketball court, the blue whale is the largest mammal known to have ever existed. Little did this kite surfer know the creature swimming just beneath him!

Grateful for the DEEP WISDOM that flows through and unites all beings

The loneliest whale in the world :: Her name is 52 Hertz, she is an unknown species of baleen whale, sings a melancholy song no other whale will answer and travels the ocean alone.

Incredible, BUT, I freaked out when sea turtles swam by my kayak. This would totally kill me. And that's why this belong on my "Funnies" board.

Once in a lifetime

Amazing Picture of a Grey Whale - Magdalena Bay, Baja, Mexico

A Drone Captured This Rare And Unusual Event Happening In The Ocean. Can You Spot It? - http://www.lifebuzz.com/drone/

Drone video showing thousands of dolphins, three gray whales migrating off the coast of San Clemente, and a humpback whale snuggling with her calf in Maui.


Diver and whale high five by Marco Queral. I wanna give a whale a high-five!