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Double Tuberose heavenly scent for moonlit gardens

The Pearl Tuberose - Polianthes tuberosa - Exceptionally sweet-smelling to flowers. Superb for cutting. White, waxy double florets set closely on stems blooms in July to October. Grows best in full sun.

Night Flowering Plants - Many plants bloom exclusively at night. The bright blooms of some plants and the heavenly scent of others attract nectar-feeding moths and bats. These are the pollinators that work only after dark. Other bats, also drawn to the night-blooming garden, are there to prey on insects. They can each consume 600 mosquitoes per hour.

The night shift. A website with a fantastic list of night flowering, night fragrant and reflective flowers, vines, vegetables, herbs and shrubs.

Polianthes tuberosa (Tuberose) 'The Pearl' closeup of blooms on black ...

Polianthes tuberosa (Tuberose) 'The Pearl' closeup of blooms on black .

tuberoses--sweet, powerful, heavy scent.  Do not put these on reception tables where people eat...

tuberose-- I always kept a big bouquet of Tuberose in a vase. good memories with this scent that filled my Jones Street apartment, San Francisco.


Tuberose perfume ingredient, Tuberose fragrance and essential oils Polianthes tuberosa


Pearl Tuberose - Candle making fragrance oil, Diffusers, Oil Burners, Aromatherapy