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Your 26 month old: Here's what you need to know about your toddler's growth and development.

Developments In Your 15 Months Old: Your 15-months-old enjoys typical games that give her an opportunity to interact with things by squeezing, pulling and pushing. Let’s have a closer look at her developments

13 Interesting Activities For Your 15 Month Old Baby

Thinking what you can do to stay calm when she/he throws a tantrum & offer her cuddles to comfort her. Here are 6 learning activities for 15 month old baby.

Ages and stages - elementary school age, 9+ connection as peers become more important from Laura Markham's blog

My favorite Parenting book: Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids by Dr. Laura Markham of Aha Parenting

A 6th grader on too little sleep will have the cognitive abilities of a 4th grader

Bedtime! How Much Sleep Should Your Child Be Getting?

Might send this home to all my kid's parents at school! How much sleep should your kids be getting? A helpful info-graphic

How to Stay Calm Parenting a Strong Willed 4 Year Old - insightful article on the cognitive development of a young child

5 Steps to Intervene Without Timeouts "Special Time has made a big difference, but how do you hold a child accountable for his behavior without punishment?

No picture to share, but the article is good. Five Children's Books That Teach Useful Money Tactics - The Simple Dollar

6 Tactics for Saving Big on Your Next Major Appliance Purchase - The Simple Dollar

How I sleep trained my 15 month old with minimal tears! #sleeptraining #toddlersleep #gentlesleeptraining

How I Sleep Trained My 15 Month Old

Door prizes: after guests address their Thank You card have them drop it in a bowl, host picks the winner from the bowl just before gifts are opened. Prize: gift cert, movie tickets, or? Also, created name tags for everyone to wear - origami diaper w/diaper pin, lotus flower, or other, guests write first name and relation to mom/dad/baby

Baby shower games: Door prize games

Boost Baby's Brainpower with Play: A look at some of the important life lessons learned through play.

Boost Baby's Brainpower with Play

40 Ways to Prevent Tantrums: A huge bag of tricks designed to distract kids and keep everyone happy. For my kids tantrums, not mine.

Even the most mainstream nutritional advice today says to minimize or avoid refined white carbs, like white flour, white pasta, and white rice. So then WHY on earth do they recommend a refined, powdery, white rice cereal for baby’s first food? It’s positively baffling. Rice cereal has practically no nutrition, and 6-month-old babies don’t even …

15 Real Food Ideas for Baby's First Solids

Introducing solids to a real food baby doesn't have to be a bland, boring, or highly-processed experience! Give your babies whole, real foods to help them develop great lifelong eating habits.

I actually love every minute of the days 8 spend with my girl but am happy for ideas to make our time together even better.

What should I do with my kids all day!?

I actually love every minute of the days 8 spend with my girl but am happy for ideas to make our time together even better.

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