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How to make a Negro Christian

[[pp wrote]] Jeez Louise. A reverend, yet. Christianity is used to control those not smart enough to think, brainwash them into waiting for that big reward in the hereafter. Sad, frightening, and just plain wrong.

Mark Twain. Hahaha this is so funny. I know a Presbyterian can't believe that the Mormons believe " such a rediculous story"  seriously? Buddy, have you NO self awareness?

Mark Twain I found this pinned on a board titled "Free Thinking". It's actually a serious subject, but I couldn't help but laugh; although I'm sure some people are outraged by it. I wonder what Mark Twain would think of us today.

Religion was and still is crazy stuff... -Network for Church monitoring -

Religion was and still is crazy stuff... -Network for Church monitoring -

Relatively Interesting 26 Atheist Memes: Will You Reconsider the Value of Religion?

I am a Christian, however, I don't take the bible literally and will never get why others do. Man is flawed and the bible was written, translated, and interpreted by man. Of course the bible would be too!

Faith in God | Nothing says 'I trust you god' like 3 inches of bullet-proof glass.

Atheism 411 on

Funny pictures about The Pope's faith in God. Oh, and cool pics about The Pope's faith in God. Also, The Pope's faith in God photos.

Not feeling very bright today? #atheist #atheism #noahsark

Atheist creationist Noah's ark meme picture - Not feeling very bright today?

Primitive, evil idolatrous. ALL religions are based upon Paganism...period, fact, end of discussion!

Primitive, idolatrous traditional religions are based upon ignorance, not scientific fact, end of discussion!