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swag dope fuck you fresh ill fuck it middle finger fuck em fuck what ya heard

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Middle Finger Cursor Stud Earrings

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Success Quotes & Memes by @businessmindset101 on Instagram

50 Great Success Quotes by @businessmindset101

Any Taurus woman (and anyone who knows her) gets that the bull of the zodiac signs may be stubborn as they come, but is sweet as pie and down-to-earth to boot. So here are the 12 BEST Taurus memes for describing her personality traits EXACTLY.

disney princess sugar skull - חיפוש ב-Google

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Stoner, Drawing Art, Weeding, Swag, Weed Control, Killing Weeds, Swag Style

What Dessert Matches Your Personality. i got ice cream! comment what you got

What Dessert Matches Your Personality?

Ok Donald

I don’t care if you think i’m abnormal, Strange weird, crazy, insane, odd and bizarre. Life is too short to be normal

Yup but i was raised old school. & im always loyal . love is a piwwrful & beautiful emotion/act & lying is not a good charecter trait 2 have, but sometimes depending on the situation it may be necessary

I know you think you're all that, but hate to break it to Ya, sweetie, you aren't the only stupid bitch I know. Not everything in my life is about you. GET OVAH YOSELF!

You think all my posts are about you. That's cute but you can relax sweetie. You're nott the only stupid bitch I know!