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the last one though<<< Don't forget those three words "Bob says hello"

the last one though<<< Don't forget those three words "Bob says hello"<<< yes I cried when I read that part!

We have a friend named Bob at church. I was sick and my sister went, when she came home that night she said "Bob says hello" I had just finished House of Hades. And never reading it she didn't understand why I started crying and muttering "the feels"

annabeth-chase-sabidinha: As they sailed farther from the coast, the sky darkened and more stars came out. Percy studied the constellations—-the ones Annabeth had taught him so many years ago. "Bob says hello," he told the stars. cries QQ cry cri so sad

Nico babysits Hazel and Frank's kid. So adorable

Nico Di Angelo in the future, babysitting Hazel Levesque and Frank Zhang's daughter. Haha, so cute, I love how he's reading babysitting books and has no idea what to do😂

Tha Mark of Athenea X''(

I was in shock for days after reading this. // The Mark of Athena, book 3 in the Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan OH MY GOD SO EPIC

Sad :( I am learning this

This seriously makes me want to curl up into a ball and cry forever (well until I die of dehydration but you get the point)<<- I'm going to remember this and tap it out when i get sad.


Rly wanna read these books (Percy Jackson series and The Mark of Athena) Camp Half-Blood!

Percy beats Hercules by far.

Hercules: *jumps into the river Styx* Percy: "Yeah, I already did that one a while back. Let me know if you come up with something original! Percy: I've been to Tartarus and back Hercules: .