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The thing is, Annabeth has these talents called "impulse control" and "logical reasoning" - two talents that Percy obviously doesn't possess.

Actually, nico is younger then all of them. Percy is 16 same with jason and idk about reyna but she is older im pretty sure.

I can't see half of these happening. I wish instead of Jason and Percy being friends in the BoO, it was more Jason and Leo or Jason and Nico < I dont really ship them. even as BrOTP.

According to the books she appears to the onlooker as their version of beauty

I've always thought that if Percy Jackson movies had Aphrodite in it! She should be shifting between different races

Haha ITS TRUE THOUGH. sherlock's insane, doctor who's illogical yet big hearted, supernaturals kinda scary, harry potter is just everyone and always, and the pjato fandom is proudly the odd child...

We are probably the weirdest fandom next to the Sherlock fandom who once stalked Bennedict Cumberbatch's hair <<< Nah. I think we're the weirdest fandom

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Percabeth xD I habe a feeling that Poseidon would be an awesome father to have, just because he most likely would do hilarious things like this.


Not sure if this is a reference to Percy Jackson or the real life Romans and Greeks, but it's pretty accurate either way.