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When You Start To Edit – Writers Write

It's a bit like childbirth, 20 hours of hard labour but then a beautiful gift at the end :)

It helps a lot to analyze the different types of kisses as it can help describe them better and make a scene more intimate or fluffy depending on the kiss shared so this is extremely helpful :)

The list of books that I've actually got done writing.

On that small piece of paper is my officially published book, the Stars of Amero: the King's Son and my fanfiction: Better Late Than Never. So, at least I wrote and finished two stories.

Guess it's time to start editing...

When I was little my favorite thing to do in the whole world was make up stories to tell my family and friends. It was kinda a given that I would someday write a book, even if I became the million other things I decided I wanted to be when I grew up.